Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Support for people of Gaza grows

Vanguard August 2014 p. 7
Ned K.

The Canadian-based research organisation, Global
Research, created an online list of all the cities in the world where people were organising collective actions in support of the Palestinian people, particularly those living in Gaza. The list contained hundreds of cities all over the globe, including capital cities in Australia.

Adelaide in South Australia has a relatively small Middle-Eastern Australian population compared with eastern state cities. However with use of social media, and despite a blackout on the event by the mainstream media, over 1000 people attended a rally and spirited demonstration in the city on Sunday 20 July.

A feature of the event was the large number of young people and large number of women attending.

Two female students read moving poems about the plight of the people in Gaza.

The event started at Parliament House steps with speakers and songs in support of the Palestinian cause. Then people took to the streets and in high spirits marched up to the main retail precinct of the city, Rundle Mall and staged a sit down.

Chanting slogans for a Palestine free from Israeli and US aggression, the on-looking crowd in the retail mall looked supportive. Many took photos of the march and sit-in on their mobile phones.

The supportive on-lookers were indicative of surveys conducted by pro-Palestinian groups that show about 70% of Australians do NOT support Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

 (Above: Brisbane rally)

 (Above and below, rallies for Palestine in Perth)