Sunday, August 24, 2014

B52s to bomb Aboriginal land

Vanguard September 2014
Nick G.

Giant US B-52 bombers, the most aggressive symbol of the evil empire’s war on the poor of the world, are set to carpet bomb a slice of the Northern Territory under an agreement signed between US and Australian representatives at the recent annual AUSMIN talks.

The 200,000 hectare Delamere Prohibited Area, around 120 km south of Katherine, is Aboriginal land made available to the Australian Air Force through an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA).

It has been used for bombing practice by Australian fighter jets and US Marine Corps F-18s (one of which crashed there in 1998), but will now be pounded by live ammunition from B-52s.

According to a 2005 reported in RAAF News, Delamere has two practice ranges for rockets, guns and practice bombs, a high explosive range, a large mass inert weapon range, a simulated airfield complex and “Tac Town”, which is a township constructed from shipping containers.

“From the air, Tac Town looks like a township and the different buildings simulate different roles,” a RAAF writer explained.

“There’s a special forces headquarters, a school, a church, a power generator and a Town Hall; so it forces crews to plan a mission just as if they were attacking an enemy town, and having to consider all the rules of engagement implications.”

US tightens grip on region

The B-42 deal follows an agreement signed by the US with the Philippines that will allow American troops to have access to military bases on that country for the next decade.

It is likely that the US imperialists will regain access to the giant Subic Naval and that they will gradually deploy combat ships, a squadron of F18s or F16s and maritime surveillance aircraft to the Philippines.

The US already has a ship rotation agreement with Singapore.

Puppets place us at the disposal of US military

In Australia, the number of marines to be "rotated" through Darwin will increase to 2500.  Over the next 25 years, further increases can be made, and other sites for their "rotation" can be agreed.

During the talks, where the overlords issue orders and the puppets cravenly sell-out our sovereignty in cowardly and enthusiastic obedience, there was agreement to closer "cooperation" between special forces  and in cyber warfare operations and for greater access for US warships, including nuclear submarines, to ports around Australia.

The buzz word of "interoperability" simply means that we get locked into any aggression the US imperialists decide to undertake.

(US Secretary of State John Kerry poses for a honeymoon photo with unAustralian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.  It's a pity they won't be sharing the night at the Delamere drop zone!)

 The deal confirms the analysis made of the US-Australia relationship by former conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in his book “Dangerous Allies”.

It follows confirmation that Australian and US personnel based at Pine Gap are directing US drone aircraft to targets in Pakistan and Iraq.

Austerity for us, billions for the US

Talks also began on plans for Australia to become part of the US ballistic missile shield that allows warships and land based sites to take out enemy missiles well before they reach a target.

Converting Australian destroyers and systems to carry the interceptor missiles would cost billions of dollars.

 It is no wonder that an austerity regime is being imposed on services to the people while plans are made to spend the lot on services to the imperialists.

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