Monday, January 28, 2013

Highway robbery

Vanguard February 2013
Bill F.

The Victorian state government has a proposal to turn emergency lanes into Skybus lanes on CityLink and the Tullamarine Freeway to overcome peak-hour congestion between the airport and Melbourne city.

Skybus passengers would then pay only the standard myki fare.

SkyBus was designed to provide a 20-minute run between Southern Cross Station and the airport but is consistently failing to do this during peak periods.

The proposed bus lane would carry a SkyBus every 1½ to three minutes during peak times, carrying about 1200 passengers an hour, with a maximum 20-minute time. SkyBus transports about 2 million passengers annually, and the figure is growing. If the trend continues, it will carry 4 million people a year by 2026.

What seems to be a fairly reasonable proposal by the state government and one that would benefit the people, is likely to be killed off by the greed of private monopolies.

CityLink has announce that it will be seeking massive compensation for any loss of toll revenue, while the Melbourne Airport mob are upset at the prospect of losing money from their rip-off car parking racket.

Isn’t this a great commentary on the way monopoly capitalism puts profits before people? Run down public transport, force them into cars, charge them to park their cars, and then compensate the robbers!

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