Friday, June 3, 2022

ICOR condemns Turkish attack on South Kurdistan


Written by: ICOR on June 4, 2022

The International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organisations (ICOR), to which our Party is affiliated, has issued a statement condemning the Turkish attack on South Kurdistan. The statement reads:

ICOR stands with the workers in Turkey and the Kurdish people

While the democratic mass movement is reviving, workers in Turkey fight for their labor rights, for rise in wages and better living conditions and the fascist Turkish state has once again launched a comprehensive military attack on South Kurdistan on 17 April. 

This is a long-planned invasion with the strategic aim to eliminate the Kurdish freedom fighters, to occupy the whole region and to abolish all achievements of Kurdish people. But at the same time, it is a new offense of state terror and chauvinism against the growing mass movement, especially the rising workers movement, which organized independently over 100 wild strikes this year, more than in the last couple of years together.  

With the support of the imperialists the Turkish state uses state terror against the mass movement and commits war crimes in Kurdistan. The collaborationist bourgeois leadership of Kurdish Democratic Party is directly involved in the invasion attack providing intelligence and the Iraqi state started an aggression against the Yazidi self-defense forces in Sinjar. 

Simultaneously, the Turkish army and jihadist militias bomb Rojava while the Turkish police put a crackdown on democratic forces and alliances in Turkey. Political prisoners are tortured and murdered in Turkey.

The heroic resistance of the guerillas with mobile units and an effective tunnel system against air strikes will once again defeat the Turkish army but it needs the urgent solidarity and support of the workers, the democratic mass movements and all progressive people in the world. 

As ICOR we stand by the fighting workers, revolutionaries, antifascists and anti-imperialists of Turkey and Kurdistan and condemn this war of occupation. 

We salute the united struggle of the revolutionary forces in Turkey and Kurdistan, especially within the HBDH (People’s United Revolutionary Movement) and call all progressive people of the world to support the freedom forces and coordinate for an international and regional revolutionary unity. Active resistance everywhere is the only way to defeat this barbaric center of counter revolution in the region.

We will defeat fascism!
Long live the united revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan!
Long live socialism!

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