Friday, December 31, 2021

CPA (M-L) greets the anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Comradely greetings and congratulations to the CPP from the CPA (M-L).

The CPP is recognised as leading the struggles of the Philippine people against foreign imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism.

Its tireless work in building the united front through the NDFP has brought together all sectors of Philippine society struggling against exploitation and political repression – the workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, healthcare and educational workers, faith workers,  professionals, - and with extensive support from the many forced by poverty or repression to move to other countries.

Wherever struggle takes place, in the countryside, in factories and workshops, in villages, or on the streets, it is fierce and protracted and the victories are hard-earned.

We honour the martyrs, the imprisoned, the suffering of their families and comrades – all have fought courageously for a better life for the people against the murderous Duterte regime with its US imperialist backers and our own Australian running-dog government.

We are confident that the near future will bring greater victories for the CPP, strengthening the united front and advancing the Philippines revolution.   


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