Thursday, July 25, 2019

Communists hold International Forum Against ISIS

(Report from the International Bulletin of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Turkey/Kurdistan)

In Amûdê in the northern Syrian canton of Qamişlo, the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS) has organized an international forum to investigate the crimes of the political-Islamic fascist “Islamic State" (ISIS).

The conference took place between 6 and 8 July 2019 under the title "ISIS: Dimensions, Challenges and Strategies of Confrontation".

The representative of the Institution for Unity and Solidarity of the People (SYPG), Beritan Asya, (pictured) wrote an assessment of the forum, which we have shortened and translated:

"The International Forum was a stage to discuss the necessity to convict all crimes committed by ISIS and their accomplices against the Rojava Revolution, the Kurdish people, various national and religious communities, and especially women.

Journalists, academics, doctors, democratic mass organizations, representatives of the revolutionary structures of northern and eastern Syria and Communists from America, France, Austria, Switzerland, Lybia, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, as well as victims and witnesses of various ISIS massacres from all over the world participated in the Forum. The International Forum became a panel in which those involved claimed accountability for the massacres and genocides of the political-Islamic fascist Daesh and the colonial and fascist Turkish occupation state, and all their accomplices. The focus of the discussions was on the causes of the military, political, social and economic strengthening of ISIS and its conviction by an international court for all its crimes against women, various national and religious communities, historical values, nature and humanity.

One of the main demands of the nearly 200 forum participants was the conviction of the IS in the territories of the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, where the IS has been defeated militarily.

The military defeat of the IS was officially announced on March 23, and with it no doubt a new phase began. Even though IS has been defeated militarily and lost its occupation areas, the question of what social dynamics produced ISIS has to be clarified. The conviction of the ISIS by an international court and accountability for all its crimes against humanity is as important as its military annihilation.

An international court would overturn one of the pillars of the political-Islamic fascist Daesh and contribute to lifting the fundamental dynamics that created it.

At the International Forum, the crimes of the fascist ISIS and its hangmen were explained. Witnesses, and documents have outlined countless facts. Confessions of imprisoned fascists of ISIS have shown that ISIS and its accomplices must be convicted in an international court.

At the first day and in the first session of the 3-day forum, ISIS's patriarchal and misogynist grin was revealed through testimonies. The Yazidi women who suffered the most exposed and brutal form of massacre, witnesses and wounded of the Suruc massacre, video footage of Ankara massacre witnesses, witnesses to the Kobanê massacre of 25 June, witnesses to the massacres in France, witnesses of ISIS terror in Libya have all reported on the brutality of ISIS. Emotional contributions were united with political and ideological assessments.

The reports have documented that ISIS is not a dynamic that emerged spontaneously on its own, but was realized through the support of the imperialists, the fascist Turkish occupation state in particular, and the reactionary-colonial regional states.

A weak point of the forum was the women‘s question. The crimes of IS as an enemy of women and of humanity, carried the character of the extermination of the female gender and the identity of women and at the same time ISIS wanted to fight for power against the identity and existence of women, which is why ISIS has to be convicted also on behalf of all working, labouring and oppressed women, but this issue has not been discussed enough. Even today, the front of women must provide a strong mechanism and a strong basis for convicting ISIS.

Why should ISIS be convicted in Rojava?

This is important because the imperialist forces are trying to prevent the convictions from taking place here in Rojava, which would equate to official recognition of a status for the Rojava Revolution.

Today, thousands of ISIS members are in the hands of the SDF, YPG and YPJ. There are still around 85,000 family members following the ISIS ideology. This reality is a threat to both the revolution and the peoples of the region and the world.

The International Forum has shown us the following: the conviction of ISIS means at the same time the conviction of the Turkish state, which supported ISIS with all means, in order to smash the Rojava revolution. In the 3-day discussion platform, international reports about the organic connections of the IS with the Turkish state were proved.

The imperialist forces try to realize the conviction of IS in Iraq or elsewhere instead of Rojava to hide their own guilt. But the real convicting force and reality here is the justice mechanism of the revolution, which guarantees a democratic, women-liberating life and equality, freedom and a future of all religions, languages, faiths, and national communities, that is, the mind and conscience of all the people."


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