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Venezuela’s Maduro: “…we are preparing for the popular resistance of the whole people”

Nick G.          8 August 2019

Experiencing social and technological destabilisation and subversion, and facing threats of immanent invasion by US imperialism, the people and government of Venezuela are preparing for all-out resistance in defence of national independence, social reform and democracy.

The CPA (M-L) has participated in pro-Venezuela rallies and demonstrations.  Members will support whatever actions are called for should the imperialists carry out their war threats.

US imperialism has attempted to choke the Venezuelan economy and people through sanctions and other forms of economic disruption.  They then made a show of trying to deliver medical aid through the puppet territory of Colombia.  If they were genuine, they would have delivered aid through Caracas to the elected government as President Hugo Chavez offered to do with aid to the US in the wake of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina disaster. Chavez offered the United States one million barrels of oil and 5 million dollars in aid and the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela also pledged a $2 million donation for Hurricane relief. The Simon Bolivar Humanitarian Response Team also offered $1 million and 120 specialist personnel. After 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, President Maduro offered $5 million worth of aid to deluged stricken US communities through its subsidiary company Citgo Petroleum Corp. "We express our solidarity with the Americans affected by the hurricane," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said.

So, a poor country suffering food and medical shortages through sanctions imposed by the world’s No. 1 imperialist power nevertheless has such compassion towards the ordinary people of the US that it stands in solidarity with them and offers aid.

Imperialism is devoid of compassion.  Everything it does it dictated by the desire for domination even if it means interference, bullying and control of sovereign states.  It is prepared to unleash war to achieve its aims.  So long as imperialism exists, so too will the danger of war.
New technologies have given rise to new methods of creating instability and dissension in target countries. Imperialism has the cyberwar capacity to disrupt infrastructure and computerised weapons systems.

According to US author Alfred W, McCoy the US Cyber Command, headquartered at Fort Meade and a cyberwar centre at Lackland Air Base staffed by seven thousand air force employees has been put to use “in the computer viruses it unleashed against Iran’s nuclear facilities from 2006 to 2010, destroying 20 percent of that country’s critical centrifuges. Four year later, Obama ordered cyberstrikes against North Korea’s missile program, causing its rockets ‘to explode, veer off course, disintegrate in midair and plunge into the sea’”.
Venezuela believes that US imperialist cyberstrikes are the cause of the massive disruptions of the country’s electricity supply system in recent weeks.

All of this is a preparation by US imperialism for armed aggression against Venezuela. 

However, the people and government of Venezuela are building their capacity for prolonged resistance should such aggression occur.
The armed forces are remaining loyal to the people and government.  And a people’s militia, established under Chavez and expanded under Maduro, will ensure that invaders will be unable to trust even their own shadows.

The militia is a special body composed of civilian men and women, which is trained by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and provides the opportunity for the people to empower and train themselves for the defence of the nation.

President Maduro has made a direct appeal to the people with a reference to Vietnam and its small army, which was able to defeat the United States.

"The people must learn, as the people of Vietnam did, to defend their land with a knife, with a stone, with a club, with a stick, with their own body, with what it is needed.

“We prepare ourselves for integral defense, for a moment of prolonged popular resistance. We know the enemy that we have, that stalks us, with all the military power of training, armament, everything that has to do with conventional warfare.

“We are aware of this and we are preparing for the popular resistance of the whole people.

“In that sense we have been developing our plans of resistance, of exhaustion, which are the strategic places and places from where we can strike to cause casualties, try to immobilize them as much as we can.

“We know that for a conventional war we are not trained, but for a prolonged resistance yes, a resistance in which they will not know who is going to hit them, because the militiamen are among the people, who are in any territory: the man, the woman, the housewife, the taxi driver, the biker, the one who sells empanadas, juice, ice cream, the one who is in the school, the student, the worker, the fisherman, etc.”

We invite readers to watch this short 6-minute introduction to the people’s militia and its readiness to turn the territory of Venezuela into a graveyard for imperialism:

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