Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Vanguard September 2013 p. 2

In our historic 50th anniversary year of this paper’s publication, it is timely to reflect on our methods of communication.  There is no doubt that the Internet and social media have many advantages over the print medium around which our publications were originally based.

With our paper’s monthly format and distribution largely through the post, it is very difficult to keep readers as up-to-date as they need to be.  Nor have we fully utilised our online presence.  Our website by and large makes Vanguard available, but still in its monthly format.

If we are to succeed in providing relevant and immediate analysis and leadership to the people, we cannot continue to rely on a hard copy publication.   Nor can our writers and production people be shackled by the timelines and workload associated with publication deadlines.

Rising costs of production and distribution are important factors. Even more critical is the fact that younger people (and many older ones also) find much of their news, information, and opinions, etc. on the internet. It is essential that more young people are won to the revolutionary struggle for national independence and socialism.

With this in mind, and by decision of the Central Committee of our Party, the website ( is being re-designed with a more modern and dynamic look, and will be more comprehensive and appealing, with more downloadable content. The website will be updated frequently and will be more responsive to topical events. The future will see even more opportunities to engage with readers and supporters beyond those that will initially be available on our new website.  It is imperative that we train our people to utilise these with confidence.

In the meantime Vanguard will continue to be published as a newspaper, and will only transition to fully on-line when the new website has been trialled and consolidated.  It is hoped that we can make that transition during 2014.

Australian Communist will continue to be posted to subscribers and donors.

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