Sunday, February 24, 2013

CPA (M-L) Immediate Demands

Vanguard March 2013 p. 4

With the next federal election now set for September 14th, there will be many opportunities in coming months to discuss with families, friends, workmates and others the real issues confronting the Australian people and the poor regard given to their concerns by the main parliamentary parties.

The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) has developed a number of demands which, we believe, put people before profits and Australian national independence in place of the interests of US imperialism. These demands can be raised in an appropriate way, when organising or taking action on many issues.
Workers/union rights and democratic rights
·         Empower workers with the right to strike!
·         Scrap the ABCC – Stop criminalising workers demanding decent wages and conditions!
·         Guarantee workplace rights!
Right to job security
Right to a safe workplace
Right to organise
Right to collective action
Right to union OH & S representatives
Right to full entitlements when companies fail
  • Make the polluters pay!
Cap and tax carbon emissions – no “market solutions”
No emission reduction costs passed on to the people
  • Phase out coal!
Create clean power using renewable energy
Retrain workers for new clean, sustainable industries
  • Water belongs to all – it’s not for trade or sale!
  • No uranium mining – unsafe for workers, communities and humanity!

Manufacturing, jobs, mining tax
·         Stop nation-wrecking by multinationals – nationalise and build the nation for the people!
·         Regulate and control foreign investment - reject unequal “free trade” deals!
·         Tax the profits of the mining monopolies! Keep the wealth in Australia!
Develop renewable energy production
Build clean, safe, sustainable manufacturing and value-adding industries
Improve services and amenities in mining communities and regional areas

Health, education, and livelihood
·         Serve the people – no privatisation!
More and better public schools
More and better public hospitals
More and better public housing – implement rent controls
More and better public transport
More and better community-run childcare centres
·         Nationalise the banks!
Regulate interest rates, Cut bank fees
·         More affordable private housing!
·         Scrap Negative Gearing!
·         Increase pensions and entitlements!

 Aboriginal sovereignty and the ‘intervention’
  • End the racist Intervention now - Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs!
  • Stop land grabbing by mining companies!
  • Scrap compulsory ‘Income Management’!
  • Leave Land Rights alone - recognise Aboriginal sovereignty!
  • A just Treaty with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples!

Foreign policy
·         For an independent and peaceful foreign policy!
·         No more support for American wars – get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines!
·         No US Alliance – no foreign military bases on Australian soil!
·         Nuclear free Australia!

Social issues
  • Equal rights for women!
                        Equal pay for equal value
                        Make equal opportunity a reality
                        Right to choose legal, safe abortion
                        Parental leave paid at full wage
  • For a multicultural Australia!
No to racism
                        Stop demonisation of asylum seekers and refugees
  • No discrimination on grounds of sexuality!

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